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Fort St. James, British Columbia, Canada
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Fort St. James
British Columbia, Canada

Cottonwood Park, Stuart Lake, Fort St. James, BC Fish Cache, Fort St. James Historic Heritage Village Mt. Pope and Stuart Lake, Fort St. James , BC

Fort St. James, B.C., Canada is a small northern community located at the foot of the Omineca Mountain Range, surrounded by thousands of lakes situated at the start of the Stuart-Trembleur-Takla Chain Lake System. The community of Fort St. James is the gateway to the chain of lakes providing access to over 630 kilometres of lake shoreline, unlimited rugged landscapes and abundant wildlife.

The community also enjoys remembering and preserving our important BC History. The Fort St. James National Historic Site of Canada is a heritage village on the shores of Stuart Lake recreating the lifestyle and conditions experienced by the First Nation people and the early pioneers back in the late 1800's. One of the best historic villages in BC! It is crazy to visit Fort St. James without visiting the historic fort.

The Fort St. James Historic Village stands on the same ground today, as it did back then, overlooking Stuart Lake. The lake scenery is beautiful. The historic village is a great opportunity to enjoy a self guided tour at your own leisure along a raised boardwalk path visiting among First Nation and European pioneer actors exploring the many late 1800 buildings like the Fish Cache, General Warehouse, accommodations and a General Store.

Many visitors wander out on the town on their own. There are plenty of opportunities within the community to launch a self guided tour and learn about the history of the area. In town is the 1952 Anglican Church and a old cemetery which is the final resting place of some of the original settlers of the region. North of town is the Junkers W35 Float Plane, Russ Baker Memorial and the 1873 Lady of Good Hope Church.

The small community has many of the amenities that a traveler requires. Driving down Stuart Drive which is the main street in Fort St. James there are gas stations, banks, a grocery store, accommodations, campgrounds, a few restaurants and coffee houses and some retail shops.

Some of the eco activities that are most enjoyed when visiting the region include fishing, boating and canoeing the Stuart-Trembleur-Takla Chain Lake System. Others arrive to do some wind surfing, swimming and camping on Stuart Lake in Fort St. James. Then there are those who explore the region on foot visiting some of the more popular hiking trails in the region.

Stuart Lake and the chain of lakes play a big part in many of the outdoor activities in the area. Because of this... many of the hikes in the area finish with views of the valley and of many lakes. Two of the more popular hiking routes in the area providing views of Stuart Lake are the Mount Pope Trail and the Dickenson Mountain Trail.

Fort St. James is one of the more remote northern communities. A wilderness environment that is very pleasing to the eye and very popular with the wildlife. It is rugged, untouched.. a rustic landscape populated with grizzly bear, wolf, mule and white-tail deer, lynx, fox, beaver, marten, otter, and wolverine.

In and around Fort St. James, BC there are a few parks resting on the shores of Stuart Lake. Within the community the Cottonwood Park entertains with history and lake views. Further out of the community are the two parks - Paarens and Sowchea Bay - which enjoy camping, fishing and boating.

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