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Cranbrook Hill, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
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Cranbrook Hill Greenway
Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

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Entrance to Greenway Boardwalk HikingTrail Trailhead at Tyner Blvd

Cranbrook Hill Greenway is a protected greenway trail corridor located in the forested hills and the open meadows high above the community of Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. Established in 1997 - 1998, the protected corridor was built in 3 phases and now covers over 300 hectares of green space with over 25 kilometres of trails.

The multi use trail is maintained by a community group and is a popular trail system used by joggers, bikers, walkers, xc skiers, snowshoers and horseback riders. No motorized vehicles permitted on the route. The trail is somewhat of a commuter trail as it connects the Otway Ski Centre to UNBC to Blue Spruce.

Many parts of the gravel, pine needle cushioned path is wheelchair accessible and baby stroller friendly. Although most of the route is earthy - the trail does have some gravel path sections, wooden bridges and boardwalk protecting the ground, bogs and the sensitive vegetation. Be aware this is a working forest so some sections of the trail may not always be accessible.

The Cranbrook Hill Greenway is best explored in three sections. The shortest section explores a birch tree forest for 0.8 kilometres connecting UNBC to the Forest of the World. The UNBC to Blue Spruce section is 5.8 kilometres navigating through Douglas Fir and birch trees leading to a viewpoint. The UNBC to Otway trail section is 18 kilometres and the most difficult part of the greenway.

The entire Cranbrook Hill Greenway provides many opportunities to view many eco systems and is worth the few hours it takes to explore some of the route. Plan the route for any of the highlights along the trail including the many forests, a natural climbing wall, the scenic viewpoints, the Labrador Tea Pond and the Forests of the World.

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How to get to the Cranbrook Hill Greenway:
From UNBC - From Hwy 16, south of Prince George, take a left onto Tyner Blvd. Drive towards the UNBC campus. On your left look for the Cranbrook Greenway turn off. Follow the road to a gravel parking lot.
From Forest of the World - From the Cariboo Hwy (97) head east on 15th Avenue. Continue driving until 15th Avenue hits Foothills Blvd and University Way. Follow Foothills Blvd. Take a left on Cranbrook Hill Road. At Kueng Road take another left and continue driving to the parking lot at the end of the road. Access Greenway Trail at the southeast corner of Forests of the World.
From Otway - From the Cariboo Hwy (97) head west on 15th Avenue. Continue driving until 15th Avenue hits Foothills Blvd and University Way. Follow Foothills Blvd until Otway Rd. At Otway take a left and continue to the Greenway trailhead located in the Otway Nordic ski area parking lot.
From Blue Spruce - From Hwy 16, south of Prince George, take a left onto Kimball Road to the parking lot. If you passed Tyner Blvd. on Hwy 16 you have gone to far.

Cranbrook Hill Greenway, Prince George, BCeh!