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Smithers, British Columbia, Canada
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Smithers, BC, Canada
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Downtown Smithers, B.C.,Canada Hudson Bay mountain range Smithers, BC bear Bear and cub statue

Smithers, B.C., Canada

Smithers , BC is a recreational destination in the beautiful Bulkley Valley region of North British Columbia, Canada. The community rests on the shores of the Bulkley River and is surrounded on all sides by the many forested mountains in the region including the Hudson Bay Mountain, the Babine Mountains and the Telkwa Mountain Range.

The green space, rivers and mountains attract many adventure enthusiasts to the Bulkley Valley region every year. It has much to offer. There are two big major mountain parks minutes from Smithers, BC. The village is reminiscent of a small "european alpine village". History, adventure and scenery is everywhere throughout the Bulkley Valley. A region which includes the Village of Smithers, Telkwa, Babine Lake (Smithers Landing), Lake Kathlyn, Woodmere, Driftwood, Glentanna, Moricetown and the Hazeltons.

The community of Smithers, BC, Canada is very alpine-village-like. There is a wood carving matterhorn in the middle of main street. The retail buildings lining the cobblestone streets are colorful and "swiss-alps" like. Hence why the community is referred to by some as "BC's Little Switzerland". Throughout the community there is a good selection of accommodations, gas stations, retail stores, grocery outlets, sport shops, restaurants (both dining and fast food) and banks plus more...

Year round the Bulkley Valley is a popular recreation destination. When the mountains are green, rivers are tumbling and the lakes are blue the region attracts many people interested in spending some quality time outdoors hiking, fishing, boating, bird watching, canoeing, mountain biking, kayaking, rafting, horseback riding, wilderness backpacking, rock climbing, off roading and golfing.

During the winter months the snow resort on Hudson Bay Mountain in Smithers BC is entertaining downhill skiers, snowboarders and xc skiers. The Snowmobilers, snowshoers and cross country skiers might head for the wilderness trails in the Babine Mountains Park. There are many other winter destinations in the valley. The more remote winter destinations in the valley attract the dog sledders, ice climbers and heliskiers after the snow falls.

This North British Columbia region is a very popular eco tourism destination year-round with many people arriving in the spring and fall for an opportunity to experience some world-class river and lake fishing. Some say, the river fishing is the best in the world. There are many fishing guides, fish camps and lodges in the Bulkley Valley ready to fish for some rainbow trout, steelhead, coho or some sockeye salmon.

In Smithers, BC there are many opportunities to experience some of the local nature and culture when sightseeing in the valley. All are a short walk to the attraction. Some of the more popular easy-access, day trips in the valley include Twin Falls, Morice Canyon, Old Hazelton and Ksan Village.

The Northern , British Columbia, Canada wilderness is home to many villages but is also home to much wildlife. It is important to respect the wildlife. Never approach or feed wildlife as it creates bad habits and possible danger. The wildlife in the region includes Black and Grizzly Bears, moose, Bald Eagles, deer, cougar, caribou, coyote, wolf and much more. Some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities is sometimes experienced while driving around the Bulkley Valley and down Highway 16. It is good to always have a camera ready and do not speed.

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