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Seymour Lake Trail, Smithers, British Columbia, Canada
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Smithers, BC : Seymour Ridge Trail
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Seymour Lake, Smithers, BC Seymour Lake Trailhead Map Seymour Lake Trail

Seymour Ridge Trail is part of a massive trail network exploring the lower slopes of a very popular local recreation mountain found just west of the community of Smithers, British Columbia, Canada called Hudson Bay Mountain. Within the alpine forest boundaries on the south facing slopes of the mountain is a park called the Smithers Community Forest.

The Smithers Community Forest extends over 4, 620 hectares and explores many different types of eco systems thriving in the region. The trails crisscross and connect providing many opportunities for various types of views of the Bulkley Valley.

The Seymour Ridge Trail is one of the many trails in the area. The hiking trail is a small series of switchbacks leading to a ridge called the Bald Spot Lookout at 750 metres in elevation. The duration of the hike to the viewpoint is about an hour each way.

The route takes all explorers up a mountain so you should expect some uphill hiking. It is not hard hike, but it is not a real easy hike either. make sure to pack some water, wear some good hiking boots and bring a real good camera on this hike.

The Seymour Ridge Trail is a, sometimes muddy hike, leading to views of Seymour and Bigelow Lakes and the surrounding lower Bulkley Valley. The region is totally covered in trails used heavily by hikers in the summer and and xc skiers in the winter. Some of the trails in the vicinity of the Seymour Ridge route are Dahlie Creek Connector, Waterfall and Goldeneye Trails.

The Seymour Lake Trail and the rest of the trails in the Smithers Community Forest is a fantastic opportunity for the public to see how recreation, timber and wildlife values of a forest are managed together by a community.

In the winter, it is not uncommon to see sledders sliding down the nearby hills or people skating on the frozen surface of Seymour Lake.

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How to get to the Seymour Lake Trail: From Highway 16 many of the main streets in Smithers will connect to Railway Ave south of Smithers. From Railway Avenue follow the Ski Smithers signs up the mountain while traveling on the Hudson Bay Mountain Road. Continue up the mountain for 10 minutes and on your left is Seymour Lake and on your right will be a big yellow billboard map sign with Seymour Lake Trailhead on it.

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