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Heritage Park Museum
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Terrace, BC : Heritage Park Museum
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Heritage Park, Terrace, BC, Canada Heritage Park BC Museum Heritage Park

Heritage Park Museum is a self guided tour exploring the past and experiencing the survival skills of the early 20th century pioneers living in Terrace BC, Canada at the time. The 2 acre landscape is covered with 8 historical cabins. Each furnished cabin has an interpretive sign onsite explaining the cabins history and purpose during the early days of Terrace.

Some of the more popular cabins are the 1920 Kalum Lake Hotel. A hotel used by miners and loggers before walking the Jumper Trail (horse drawn sled trail). The 1910 Belway Mining Cabin filled with fossil and rock samples. The 1919 Linemans Cabin used by the Dominion Telegraph Company. And the 1930 Trappers Cabin of Paul Schultz. Ironically enough, the trapper was a pioneer in the protection of the white Kemode Bear.

Taking a self guided tour of the pioneer park, exploring the buildings, gives every visitor insight into the fishing, trapping, mining and forestry industry of the early settlers. From the park some of the best hiking and walking trails in the community can be accessed like the Heritage Walking Trail, the Howe Creek Trail and the Terrace Mtn Trail.

The Terrace, B.C. heritage park was established in 1983 by some local volunteers who took it on themselves to move all the heritage buildings in the area onto a single parcel of land preserving the buildings therefore developing an impressive tour of the communities history for visitors to view.

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How to get to the Heritage Park Museum: Located within the city limits of Terrace, British Columbia, Canada. The easiest route to the park from Hwy 16 is to turn north on Eby Street from the hwy and follow Eby up the hill all the way to the end and take a right on Halliwell Ave. Take a another right on Sparks Street (which turns into Kalum Hill). On your right is the museum.

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